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SME Flexi-Cover Plus

SME Flexi-Cover Plus

Need protection for your business?

SME Flexi-Cover Plus lets you pick and choose the coverage that suits you best.

Why choose SME Flexi-Cover Plus?

Designed with the need of SMEs in mind, SME Flexi-Cover Plus is a comprehensive business protection package that gives you the freedom to tailor your own protection plan. It provides a unique range of core protection sections you can pick and choose from to suit your budget and prevailing protection needs. SME Flexi-Cover Plus is a Shariah-compliant protection package and is available to a wide range of SMEs. By signing-up for SME Flexi-Cover Plus, you will be able to enjoy a share in surplus sharing, if any.*

* Full details are available in the Takaful Certificate.

Unique flexibility

Unlike traditional 'one size fits all' protection packages, SME Flexi-Cover Plus gives you the freedom to pick and mix your coverage from a range of protection offered.^ This unique flexibility also enables you to customise your coverage to suit your budget or protection needs.

Value for money

If your business has a low risk profile or is located in a modern building with superior security and fire protection, you’ll make a lower contribution with SME Flexi-Cover Plus.

Convenience and peace of mind

It can be difficult to remember when your coverage is up for renewal or to increase your coverage during seasonal or high-risk periods.

SME Flexi-Cover Plus relieves you of these burdens by:

  • Automatically renewing your certificate(s) so you’re always covered
  • Providing an automatic 25% increase in the Sum Covered to protect your stocks during festive periods
  • Providing a simple, hassle-free signing-up process

Key features and benefits

Enjoy comprehensive protection from common misfortunes that a business is likely to face, such as:

  • Damage caused by fire, thunderstorm or earthquake
  • Damage or losses due to theft (burglary), personal assault, loss of money or glass breakage
  • Legal liabilities from customers or employees who may sustain accidents on your premises


Fire Protection*

*Fire Protection is an optional benefit. By choosing to take up Fire Protection as part of your package, you will stand to enjoy savings on your contribution
for other coverage.

Crime and Asset Protection

  • Increased Cost of Working
  • Burglary
  • Money
  • Personal Assault
  • Plate Glass

Liability Protection^

  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability

^The Liability Protection section must be selected with the Crime and Asset Protection section upon signing-up. The Liability Protection section is not available as a stand-alone section.

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Please note that the information set out in this page is merely to inform the public of the range of our products / proposed products - all such products are ultimately subject to the provisions contained in each of their respective Takaful Certificates.

This product is managed by HSBC Amanah Takaful (Malaysia) Berhad (Company No. 731530-M). All claims and liabilities arising from the plan should be made to HSBC Amanah Takaful (Malaysia) Berhad.

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