International Recognition and Emergency Support

Wherever you go, we are only a phone call away

You relish immersing yourself in different cultures for business and pleasure. However, you value the reassurance that wherever you go, help is always on hand from someone who understands your needs and speaks your language.

HSBC Amanah Premier can even provide useful local information about everything from restaurants to cultural events and entertainment.

The international banking benefits that HSBC Amanah Premier provides will also cover your family, so you can rest easy while your children travel abroad for study or work.

HSBC Amanah Premier's international banking services include:

  • Guaranteed priority service for all your international banking needs
  • In an emergency, just call HSBC Amanah Premier's emergency hotline +1-908-PREMIER for immediate international assistance
  • Instant emergency cash advance of US $2,000 together with next-day card replacement in the event of loss or theft.

Feel at home wherever you are with HSBC Amanah Premier's international banking services. For more information view our Premier Centre Demo.

Security when it matters

  • A worldwide safety net:
    If your HSBC Premier MasterCard® Credit-Card-i (or your wallet full of cash) goes missing or gets stolen, you're always just one phone call away from our global emergency support scheme. Calling 1-908- PREMIER / 1-908-7736437 will ensure you get prompt action. Our missing card will be reported lost immediately. We'll arrange for you to pick up instant cash from your nearest HSBC/HSBC Amanah or other designated outlets. And you'll get a replacement card quickly.
  • One world. One number
    1-908-PREMIER / 1-908-7736437 This is the dedicated HSBC Premier Worldwide Emergency Hotline. You can call it from almost anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, and you'll be put through to someone who speaks your language and will connect you with HSBC/HSBC Amanah in your country.
  • Round the Globe Protection
    HSBC Premier MasterCard® Credit Card-i Travel Coverage

    From Shanghai to San Francisco, your HSBC Premier MasterCard® Credit Card-i ensures that you are covered when travelling to give you peace of mind. Simply charge your travel tickets to your HSBC Premier MasterCard® Credit Card-i to enjoy this free service.

Find Premier Centres wherever you'll be in the world

Find out more about where you are moving to and how we can help:

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