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Retail Banking and Wealth Management

Retail Banking and Wealth Management Local Knowledge, Worldwide Expertise

It was retail banking, it’s now Retail Banking and Wealth Management, encompassing a suite of personal banking products, which provides an end to end customer experience where customer needs and service is key.

We help our customers to manage and save for their future with a complete range of personal financial products.


What Is Retail Banking and Wealth Management

HSBC is the largest locally incorporated foreign bank in Malaysia and has always had a strong local presence in consumer banking. Retail Banking & Wealth Management provides an extensive range of products and services. It is a transformation from retail banking to a higher level of sophistication that has radically changed the careers we offer and the type of people we hire.

Today’s Retail Banking & Wealth Management at HSBC is a front-line customer interface encounter. We place high importance on the quality of our front-liners and we are looking for individuals with strong personal communication skills, enthusiastic, business driven and those who strive for excellence to exceed customer expectations. If you fit the above criteria, we’ll be most pleased to have you as part of our HSBC family!


Product Development & Wealth Management

We aim to constantly review and develop banking products to meet the ever evolving financial needs of individuals. You will find this team and its job functions very challenging and stimulating as you will be part of a dynamic team which will work towards meeting the different needs of an individual’s life cycle by developing strategic wealth creation, wealth protection and wealth distribution products. This will provide customers an opportunity to attain all they need under one roof for portfolio consolidation purposes. The product types we develop include home loans, personal loans, deposit and insurance products.

You will be required to work on a combination of product features and portfolio financials for existing and new products. Another interesting and challenging area of work includes working with our marketing team for advertising and promotional initiatives to bring to the market strategic communication to ensure the success of our product sales. Branch support will also be an integral part of your day-to-day work as it is highly important for branches to attain direct and immediate support. We are on the search for those with the right attitude and are ready to take on the challenge in our product team to enable us to continuously surprise the market!


Investment & Insurance Services

In this efficient and innovative team that has proudly achieved impressive sales performance achievement since inception in 2001; you will play a vital role in coordinating the sales and support to our Relationship Managers across branches nationwide.

The provision of accurate timely information, essential training and products designed to cater to our investors’ changing needs has contributed to our success in the past. You will be part of the team which will continue this trend to ensure that we continue to achieve outstanding performance. Our continuous expansion plans offer good career opportunities to those who are ever ready to embrace market changes and its challenges. We are looking for those with the right qualities to grow with the business!


Consumer Credit & Risk

The effective analysis, interpretation and management of credit risk under-pins the business strategy of our Retail Banking & Wealth Management (RBWM) operation. Being part of this team, you will find that the work in this area influences the products we develop, the customers we target and the back-end active management of our RBWM portfolio. You will be part of a dedicated team which will work in synergy to represent a comprehensive coverage of consumer credit risk within the RBWM umbrella.

The major challenge of career in a CCR function is to manage a professional CCR unit that enables RBWM to optimise risk and enhance profitability through growth of the RBWM asset book. We are in search for those who are willing to take up this challenge!


Sales Management

The Sales Management team manages the sales and distribution of the Bank’s extensive portfolio of RBWM wealth management products and services through a multi-channel approach that includes Branch Network, Direct Sales Team and Telemarketing. This is achieved through a sales management structure that contributes to the development and management of sales activities, processes and resources. This is to maximize sales opportunities and sales productivity whilst maintaining full compliance to all relevant regulations. Various career opportunities exist within the RBWM Sales and Distribution’s sales streams. The combination of our international reputation, customer base and innovative products provides you with the environment to maximise your sales potential. Our performance-based incentive rewards also ensure that your success reaps you the financial returns you deserve.

Branch Sales Stream
Focusing on an assigned portfolio of customers, you are required to build and strengthen enduring business relationships. Understanding and managing customers’ needs and expectations in meeting long-term financial objectives with Wealth Management expertise and strategies, plus excellent service quality would be your personal success traits. At this level, you should preferably have sales experience in the field of financial services and possession of Certified Financial Planner qualification would be an added advantage.

Direct Sales Stream
Having the drive to be successful and ready to take on a challenging career with great rewards based on merits is what it takes to be part of our Direct Sales Stream. You will need to focus on acquiring new customers to expand the existing base through monoline product sales as well as reaching new areas that are not penetrated by the other channels. The financial rewards are unlimited and it grows with your determination and drive to succeed.


Finance & Planning

Finance & Planning is primarily responsible for the planning, financial control and management information functions of Retail Banking and Wealth Management (RBWM). In this team you will be responsible for the coordination and preparation of RBWM strategic and annual plans which has a significant influence in charting the long and short term direction and strategies of the department. You will need to provide vital management information in determining the future financial policies and strategies undertaken to achieve significant growth and development.

This team is responsible for financial as well as non-financial reporting requirements, tracking of branch rewards programme, analysing key business trends and providing commentary on those trends. You will find yourself engaged in business analysis, recommendation of cost control measures and revenue enhancement initiatives. Management Information provides vital retail risk information to support the management in decision-making across the region. Providing accurate data is vital in developing successful business strategies particularly as the business environment grows to be more complex. Hence we require sharp skills. These areas will provide a stimulating environment for accounting and finance professionals!


Data Analytics

The Customer Data Analytics team is responsible for supporting data and information needs of PFS. Our mission is to work together with all RBWM units to develop a data driven decision-making culture.

As a team member you will be required to find treasure in our database, transform it into knowledge and communicate it effectively for the business line to make strategic decisions. Candidates we are looking for must have a strong appetite to work with figures, sensitive to the change of market and consumer needs and innovative in conducting analysis from various perspectives!


Channels & Customer Service

The face of banking has changed dramatically in recent decades. The advent of ATM and other self-service banking devices i.e. ECDM, QCM etc. has heralded the development of true customer-centric banking. This in turn has led to the creation of additional personal banking channels, including call center, interactive voice response (IVR), and phone banking. Today, the Internet introduces additional channels, including personal internet banking (PIB), Internet kiosk, and mobile banking through wireless access protocol (WAP). Customers expect consistent, personalized service across all these channels, and down-time isn’t an option. Lost opportunities can mean lost of revenue.

In Channels and Customer Service, you will find that channel integration will be a key priority as we seek to improve customer service, reduce costs and optimize distribution channel networks. You will be required to continuously enhance multichannel capabilities using the latest technology and with the best-of-breed Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS) capabilities to meet the demands of our customers. Our continuous expansion plans in the area of channel management, e-Channels, CRMS, and Customer Service Quality offer good career opportunities to the right people who possess the right qualities to handle the above job scope and are willing to grow with the Bank!


Credit Cards

HSBC ranks as one of the most aggressive and attractive top card issuers in the local market. You will be part of our business focus to entice new customers and drive loyalty from our existing customer base which progresses considerably over time. As part of the Credit Card team, you will need to continuously meet milestones by delivering more value via exciting promotions to our cardholders to position brand presence in the mind of every customer. You should possess teamwork qualities, trustworthiness, professionalism and integrity to be today’s ambassadors of the HSBC Cards Team and tomorrow’s leaders of the industry.

As we continuously progress in our achievements via significant business results, high customer appreciation and employee satisfaction, our key focus continues to be engaging highly competent and dynamic individuals who are ready to join and grow with us. The continuous success of our business lies heavily on the quality of our people!


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