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HSBC Premier

Your loved ones will also enjoy selected benefits and privileges.

Overseas account for your child's education

  • A cross border account can be opened for free while you are in Malaysia.
  • You can send money overseas with speed and ease through your self-named accounts for free and monitor1 your child's finances via online@hsbc2.
  • You may request for special assignment of limits on your child’s HSBC Premier World MasterCard® supplementary cards4.

Premier Junior Account (Eligible for protection by PIDM) - Educate your child on the concept of savings for the future

  • A savings account held by you for your child under 18 years of age. Only you have access to the account and can carry out account transactions such as fund transfers and withdrawals.
  • Premier Recognition Card for your child (no ATM access is accorded to a minor)
  • Enjoy high interest rates3 daily on your Premier Junior Account4 as you teach your child the value of money.
    • Interest rate equivalent to the prevailing 1-month Time Deposit rate for deposits up to RM50,000
    • Please click here for updates on interest rates.

Give your child the benefit of an HSBC Premier World MasterCard® supplementary credit card

  • You may request for special assignment of limits on your child's supplementary credit cards5.
  • Travel protection of up to RM2,000,000 for yourself and up to RM200,000 for your child when airline tickets are purchased via HSBC Premier World MasterCard® Credit Card6.

HSBC Premier also offers:

  • The benefits of being internationally present across 8,000 HSBC branches worldwide7: 1,670 in the UK and 35 in Australia.
  • Global Safety Net - Emergency support services for you and your family through emergency hotline, emergency cash advance of up to USD2,0008, next-day card replacement for your lost or stolen HSBC Premier World MasterCard® Credit Card.

1Only applicable if the account is opened in joint name with the parent.

2Only applicable to certain transactions as the receipt of funds in your intended account of transfer is dependent on various factors including the type of currency, the processing hours, weekends and public holidays in the sending and/or receiving country. HSBC shall not in any way be held liable for any delay or rejection of any application for transfer of funds.

3Refer to the Bank's Interest Rates listing on The Bank reserves the right to change, vary or amend the quoted Interest Rate, as the case may be, from time to time at its absolute discretion with 3 days prior notice.

4The interest rate is equivalent to 1 month Time Deposit (eligible for protection by PIDM) up to RM50,000. A minimum initial deposit as determined by the Bank is required.

5For example, if your HSBC Premier World MasterCard® Credit Card has a limit of RM100,000 you can assign RM90,000 to your own credit card and the remaining RM10,000 to the supplementary card (up to 5 cards).

6Subject to Terms & Conditions stated in the master certificate(s).

7Contact your HSBC Premier Relationship Manager to learn the locations of the HSBC Premier Centres around the world or log on to

8Refer to the Tariff and Charges for HSBC Products and Services on

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The information provided is intended as a general guide for reference. Benefits and features may be subject to local country regulatory restrictions. Please refer to the Service Guide for detailed information