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HSBC Cash Instalment Plan

HSBC Cash Instalment Plan


Enjoy 6.88% interest rate p.a. and 10,000 Reward Points1 when you apply for Cash Instalment Plan online.

It is time that your life's choices are not limited by your finances. With the Cash Instalment Plan (CIP), you can apply for minimum cash advance of RM5,000 and above using your HSBC Credit Card while enjoying 6.88% flat interest rate p.a. on the cash advance amount, 0% cash advance fee and 10,000 reward points1 It's the easiest way to have what you really want.

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HSBC Cash Instalment Plan Calculator

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Important note:

The maximum amount of CIP application with its applicable CIP interest amount is up to 95% of your HSBC credit card limit.

HSBC Bank may at its sole discretion
1) Approve the CIP amount applied for therein; or
2) Approve the CIP at a lower amount from what was applied for therein without further notification to the Eligible Cardholder at the time of approval. However, HSBC Bank will subsequently notify the Eligible Cardholder in writing of the CIP approved at a lower amount and the CIP Monthly Instalment; or
3) Decline the CIP application.

During the CIP tenure, the CIP amount together with the CIP interest will be billed to you by way of equal monthly instalment. The CIP tenure/ monthly instalment cannot be altered or changed.

The effective rate of CIP varies based on the tenure and is up to 12.7% per annum.

The Bonus Reward Points is capped to 10,000 points per Eligible Cardholder during Programme Period.

Upon successful application of CIP, you are deemed to be responsible in servicing the monthly instalment amount which will be posted to your HSBC credit card account and will be reflected in your monthly credit card statement in the following month. Once you have applied for CIP, a corresponding amount in your HSBC Credit Card will be reserved for this purpose and this amount shall not be available for your use until settlement of the CIP amount. HSBC Online Cash Instalment Plan with Bonus Reward Points Programme 2015 (B) Terms & Conditions apply. For further info and full Terms & Conditions, please visit

Terms and Conditions HSBC Online Cash Instalment Plan with Bonus Reward Points Programme 2015 (B)

Terms and Conditions HSBC Cash Instalment Plan Rate at 4.88% interest p.a.