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Foreign Currency Account (CombiNations Account)
HSBC Foreign Currency Account
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On-the-go or in the comfort of your home - now, you can open an
HSBC Foreign Currency Savings Account via Personal Internet Banking
(only available for existing HSBC Bank MYR Demand Deposit1 Account Holders registered with Personal Internet Banking).

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Keep tabs on the latest currency performance and market updates
on our new FOREX web page.

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1HSBC Bank MYR Demand Deposit Accounts are: Premier Account, Premier Junior Savings Account, Advance Account, Statement Savings Account, Passbook Savings, Basic Savings Account, Generic Current Account and Basic Current Account.

What is HSBC Foreign Currency Account?

HSBC Foreign Currency Account (eligible for protection by PIDM) is a foreign currency
denominated interest-bearing account (FCA) which currently provides customers with
the opportunity to hold accounts in up to 12 foreign currencies.

Foreign Currency Table

Why should you invest in an HSBC Foreign Currency Account?

With a wide range of currencies available, the HSBC Foreign Currency Account provides an easy way to save in a foreign currency.

Hedge against exchange rate fluctuations
HSBC Foreign Currency Account is a good option to hedge against
exchange rate fluctuations by keeping money in the account until the
rate is beneficial to you. It is suitable for individuals with the following current or future needs:
• Parents with children studying overseas
• Individuals who are employed overseas or receive regular income abroad
• Repatriation of funds from individual Foreign Currency Accounts offshore to be sent back to Foreign Currency Accounts onshore




An alternative form of investment with fixed returns

A Foreign Currency Time Deposit Account assures you fixed
returns on your deposits placed with us on different tenures
ranging from 1 to 12 months.


Funding for your child's future education

If you plan to send your child to study overseas, for example in
Australia, saving your child's education fund in an Australian Dollars denominated FCA will potentially save you the worries of Australian Dollars appreciating against the Malaysian Ringgit. This may help you better manage your budget to support your child's education.




For Non-Residents employed in Malaysia to retain funds

If you are a Non-Resident employed in Malaysia, you may
retain funds in foreign currency received from overseas.

Type of Accounts

To Residents and Non-Residents of Malaysia, HSBC offers two types of accounts to save in a
foreign currency:

Foreign Currency Savings Account

With a wide range of currencies available, the HSBC Foreign Currency Savings Account provides
an easy way for you to save in a foreign currency.
• Low minimum account balance requirements (Refer to Table A below).
• Easy access to your funds via Branch and HSBC Personal Internet banking.

Foreign Currency Time Deposit Account

An account that offers a fixed interest rate for your chosen tenure (ranging from 1 to 12 months).
It is an ideal solution to help you earn potentially higher returns on your foreign currency than a
normal savings account.
• Choose from a range of major foreign currencies (Refer to Table A below).
• Choose from a range of tenures: 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months (except for CNY which is only
available in 1-month tenure).
• Upon maturity, you can re-invest your funds or withdraw some or all of your funds.
• Access and open new Foreign Currency Time Deposit account conveniently through your
HSBC Personal Internet banking.

Foreign Currency Table

Foreign Exchange (FX) Products and Services - FAQ

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