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PowerVantage with EasiGrow

PowerVantage with EasiGrow gives you a lot, from just a little.

Shown below are some examples how PowerVantage with EasiGrow helps you earn higher interest rates and the power to watch your savings grow even bigger.

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Automatic savings at Fixed Deposit rates

PowerVantage with EasiGrow

On PowerVantage with EasiGrow, you enjoy interest rates of more than 3 times of your conventional saving rates. Your interests earned at the end of the tenure will also be a staggering 393% more than your conventional saving's interests.

The Power To Manoeuvre

PowerVantage with EasiGrow

When you have extra cash, you can put it into your PowerVantage with EasiGrow account to earn from the high interest rates. When you need extra cash, you can also transfer up to 10% of the balance back into your PowerVantage account once a month for easy withdrawal. Deposit more when you can and see your savings grow even bigger!

*3.1% p.a. is based on the current interest rate for a 1-month tenure Fixed Deposit and is correct at time of release.