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A man dancing; image used for HSBC Malaysia We Can We Do page.

We Can We Do

Financially empower Malaysians, one by one

The Can-Do Spirit

We Can We Do is HSBC Malaysia’s mission to help Malaysians ignite their Can-Do spirit through financial empowerment as an enabler for them to achieve their goals. Inspired by its global brand identity of “Together we thrive” which reflects its long-term commitment to helping customers succeed and flourish whatever the conditions, We Can We Do is a call for the nation to become people of action to thrive no matter the circumstances.

Watch our CEO Stuart Milne explain our purpose and promise.

Nominate a Malaysian Can-Do Hero

Pledge is part of our We Can We Do initiative that seeks to activate and cultivate the Malaysian Can-Do spirit.

Through this initiative, we intend to discover Malaysia’s Can-Do Heroes; individuals with drive, tenacity and a desperate need to strive for the betterment of their community and themselves – individuals with a Can-Do spirit.

We believe in the strength of the Malaysian Can-Do spirit being the driving force of the nation, and hence we want to do our part in helping Malaysians activate their Can-Do spirit and get one step closer to achieving their dreams.

If you know anyone who has a strong Can-Do spirit and who deserves assistance from us towards realising their dreams and ambitions, submit a nomination now.

Let’s help each other meet our potential and thrive together as a nation; because we Can, when we Do.

Check out the table below for the Nomination process, Frequently Asked Questions and Full Terms and Conditions of HSBC Pledge.

Dale Adelric Teri holding a shose

Dale Adelric Teri is someone who has truly exemplified the Malaysian Can-Do spirit. We have reached out to him to find out his story and at the same time, help him get where he wants to be. Watch his story here.

Know a Malaysian with a burning Can-Do spirit that you would like to nominate as a Can-Do hero? Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Download the HSBC Pledge Nomination Form and fill in the details. It is a fillable PDF form and you may enter in the details directly onto the document using a pdf reader. You may fill this form in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Step 2: Email this form to together with any supporting documents. 

You are strongly encouraged to include any relevant images, links to articles and any other related media that will further support your nomination.


Key terms and conditions:

  • Nominations are open from the 9th of September 2020 12:00AM and closes on the 9th of October 11:59PM
  • By submitting your nomination, you are agreeable to the Terms and Conditions of participating in HSBC Pledge
  • From the final list of nominations, we will select only three nominations to feature and provide assistance
  • During the selection process, we may contact the nominators and/or nominees for further information to aid in our decision. Please ensure that the contact details provided in the nomination form are accurate
  • The assistance provided by us is entirely up to our discretion, but will NOT be any of the following:

Direct financial aid

Brand sponsorship

Click here to view the submission guide and the full Terms and Conditions of HSBC Pledge.

Kenn's Can-Do Catch-Up!

A photo of Stuart Milne, the CEO of HSBC Malaysia, and Mr. Kenn; image used for HSBC Malaysia We Can We Do page.
Photos of six FL experts; image used for HSBC Malaysia We Can We Do page.

Get tips on how to thrive in the new normal with our financially-savvy panellist!