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DuitNow for Business

Instant collections and payments platform


DuitNow with HSBC is a simple, instant and secure method to receive from and pay to DuitNow IDs or account numbers. With DuitNow, you will be able to execute your transactions effortlessly and better manage your cash flows.

Pay using DuitNow ID

Pay to easy identifiers such as mobile number, NRIC and passport for individuals; and Business Registration Number (BRN) for businesses.

With DuitNow ID payments, you no longer have to provide your bank details to receive payments.

Pay using account number

Only account number is sufficient to receive payments. Verify the identity of beneficiaries before paying to an account number1.

1 Tentatively on 12th January 2019.


  • No payment cut-offs
    DuitNow service is available 24 x 7
  • Currency
    Malaysian Ringgit only
  • Instant payment processing
    Funds are credited instantly into your bank account
  • Market reach
    Pay to and receive from all banks in Malaysia
  • Payment validation
    Validate DuitNow ID or account number before confirming payment
  • Information security
    By providing your BRN, your account information remains safe and can only be used to make payments to you
  • DuitNow registration
    To receive DuitNow payments, a one-time registration to link your bank account with your BRN is required. Effective January 2019, you can link, modify or delete the bank account to your BRN, all via HSBCnet
  • Bulk payments
    HSBCnet also supports bulk payments via file upload. Authorise payments on HSBCnet or HSBCnet mobile anytime even while on the move


If you need any further support on DuitNow ID, please contact your Relationship Manager.