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Register for Online Banking

Begin your online banking with HSBC/HSBC Amanah in 3 simple steps

Before you start

You will need your HSBC/HSBC Amanah:

  • Credit card number and PIN, or
  • Debit card number and PIN, or
  • Phone banking number and PIN

How to register

You have 2 ways to register for online banking.

  1. Register using our app
  2. Register online


Important notice: Effective 15 November 2022, as an additional layer of security for new online banking and mobile app registrations, you will need to input a 6-digit activation code when you select to verify your identity with your debit card/credit card/phone banking PIN. During your registration process, an activation code will be sent to your mobile number registered with us.

Option 1 : Using the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking App

Step 1: Download HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking App

HSBC MY app icon
QR code for app download

Step 2: Open the app and accept the T&Cs

After that, tap 'Not registered for online banking' and the app will guide you through the rest. You'll have the option to register using your debit card PIN, credit card PIN or phone banking pin, or your credit card number, date of birth and mobile number. Then set your 6-digit PIN and your Mobile Secure Key will be activated. You'll receive an SMS confirmation once you're finished.

Need help? Check out our step by step guide.

Option 2: Register online

Step 1: Register online

Step 2: Activate your Mobile Secure Key

Download the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking App. Open the app and we'll guide you through how to activate your Mobile Secure Key.

Need help? Check out our step by step guide.

HSBC MY app icon
QR code for app download
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