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A comprehensive range of solutions to protect you and your loved ones.

Protection for you and your loved ones (apply online)

Apply online now for your every protection need.

Smart Home Cover

  • Cover the cost of loss or damage to the household goods and personal effects in your home
  • Cover the cost of repairing or maintaining your home
  • Cover for malicious damage to your home caused by tenants, loss of rent and the cost of legal fees for a Demand Letter

Travel Care

  • Overseas and domestic travel coverage for luggage and travel delays. For overseas travel, the coverage also includes loss or damage to your travel documents, personal luggage and valuables, and more
  • Reimbursement of necessary and reasonable medical, surgical or hospital charges, and emergency dental treatment fees incurred as a result of accidental bodily injuries, illness or death during your trip
  • Accidental death and permanent disability coverage

HSBC's ProtectCare Plan

  • Flexibility to choose your coverage amount
  • Guaranteed level premium for 10, 15, or 20 years depending on the selected coverage term
  • Hassle free and no medical examination required

Protection for you and your loved ones (apply at branch)

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HSBC's EliteSaver Plus

  • Customise and strategise your investment portfolio based on your financial needs
  • Adequate protection with a combination of insurance protection and savings elements
  • Conditional In-Force Guarantee
  • Flexible premium payment terms based on your financial situation

Start your long term wealth accumulation now

HSBC's EliteSaver SP GIO

  • Protection and savings plan in-one to match your financial situation
  • A single premium plan that gives you protection plus control and flexibility to grow long-term wealth

Grow your wealth, safeguard your future.

HSBC’s EliteCare Plus

  • A regular premium investment-linked plan which has a wide selection of protection coverage to give you peace of mind
  • Build comprehensive protection with optional riders

Safeguard your wealth with the right protection plans

HSBC's FamilyCare Plan

  • Comprehensive Death, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and Critical Illness (CI) protection for you
  • Extended protection across 3 generations of your family covering your spouse, children and parents
  • Emotional Relief Benefit to help you through challenging times

Protect those most precious to you with the best care.

HSBC's UniversalLegacy Plan

  • Diversify your financial portfolio to spread potential investment risk
  • Pass on a portion of your wealth to your next generation without having to go through estate distribution process

Create a path that will take your loved ones further.

HSBC's UniversalTreasure Plus

  • Increasing annual guaranteed income in the form of guaranteed cash payment (GCP)*
  • Guaranteed maturity benefit* of total premiums paid

Retire from work, not life.

HSBC's UniversalIncome Plan

  • Guaranteed long term retirement income
  • Short premium payment terms - choose either 3 or 10 years

Secure a long and happy retirement.

HSBC's Reducing Term Assurance

  • Coverage for financing to help you meet your loan repayment obligations
  • Protection in the event of Death and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)
  • Applicable for Home Financing, Personal Financing and Business Premises Financing
  • Affordable and flexible regular premium payment mode

Protect your loved ones from financial liabilities.

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Plan for your retirement ahead, and enjoy the golden years you truly deserve. Sign up for HSBC's Protection Plans & receive exclusive rewards.*

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