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How HSBC Insurance can help you

  • Value of Education
    Only 27% of parents have an education savings for their child. Find out more.
  • Power of Protection: Facing the Future
    Understand how the right plan can bring positive outcomes for your family. Find out more.
  • Credit Card Shield
    Ensures the outstanding balance on your HSBC Credit Cards are paid. Exclusively for HSBC Credit Card cardholders (issued by HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad). Find out more.
  • Future of Retirement
    Guiding your journey to an ideal retirement. Find out more.
  • UniversalTreasure Plus
    Spend your golden years getting the most out of life.
  • UniversalLegacy
    Create a path that will take your loved ones further with HSBC UniversalLegacy.
  • ProtectCare
    Take advantage of HSBC ProtectCare, a convenient and affordable way to secure your family's financial future. Exclusively for HSBC Credit Card/HSBC Amanah Credit Card-i cardholders (issued by HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad/HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad). Find out more.
  • Takaful Education Plan
    Start planning today for your child's education tomorrow.
  • Takaful Retirement Plan
    Enjoy your golden years comfortably with a regular income up to age 75 with Takaful Retirement Plan. Start planning for your preferred retirement today.
  • HealthPlus
    Counter the risk of rising medical costs and gain peace of mind. HSBC HealthPlus provides up to 2x the initial medical coverage with no lifetime limit.

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