Dual Currency Investment

  • Up to 41 currency pairings (as of 2nd January 2019) with real time pricing
  • Flexibility to choose the currency pairing (base and linked currencies), tenure (ranging from 1 week to 3 months) and the conversion rate you feel most comfortable with

Enjoy flexibility with your investments.


  • Gain higher returns via bonds compared to cash investments
  • You may enjoy a regular stream of interest income – usually payable half yearly
  • Diversify your investment risk

Capitalise on Bonds to enjoy potentially higher returns.

Foreign Exchange

  • Get real time quotes when you exchange foreign currency on HSBC Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • It takes just 6 seconds for your money to move between your local and overseas HSBC account

Reach out to the world.

In-house and Worldwide Transfer

  • Transact at your convenience via HSBC Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Enjoy potentially better rates with real-time exchange rates*
Applies to Foreign Currency to Foreign Currency transactions only

Bring the world closer with real-time FX rates.

Structured Investments

  • Can be extensively customised to meet your investment risk/return profile, market outlook and investment objectives

Tailor-made investments to meet your specific investment needs.

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