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Transfer and receive without the need for a bank account number. Coming to you soon.

What is DuitNow?

DuitNow allows you to perform instant fund transfers to your recipients by entering the recipient’s Mobile Number, NRIC, Passport number (for non-Malaysians only), Business Registration Number or Army/Police number which has been registered as DuitNow ID of the recipient via participant bank. 

Similarly, once you have registered a DuitNow ID, senders may perform instant fund transfers to your account by entering your DuitNow ID instead of your account number.

Benefits of DuitNow

Free: Free for all HSBC customers!

Easy: No more scrambling for account number to get paid

Secure: Payment is fully secured and your information safeguarded


24/7: Use it anytime, anywhere

Instant: Real-time payment

Simple registration: A few clicks and you’re ready

DuitNow ID Pre-Registration

DuitNow ID Pre-Registration applies to selected customers. For those who are selected, you will be notified via SMS.

You may choose to opt out before 30 November 2018.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Why DuitNow?

With DuitNow, you can transfer money instantly on 24/7 basis by entering mobile numbers, NRIC numbers, Passport numbers, Business Registration Numbers (BRN) or Army/Police Number registered as DuitNow ID of the recipients instead of the recipients’ account details. You can transfer and receive funds instantly at anytime, anywhere via DuitNow. 

How can I receive payments using DuitNow?

You must first register a DuitNow ID. 

Where to perform DuitNow?

You can perform DuitNow transaction via HSBC Personal Internet Banking or the new HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking App.

I have an existing HSBC Mobile App, do I need to download the new HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app to use DuitNow?

Yes, you are required to download the new HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app to use DuitNow.

Do I need to register for DuitNow?

Registration is not required to transfer money via DuitNow. 

However, for you to receive money via DuitNow, a one-time registration is needed to register a DuitNow ID to link with your HSBC account.

What if I have received a notification on DuitNow pre-registration?

For Malaysian customers with an active account and mobile number, we would have already pre-registered your mobile number as DuitNow ID by 15 November 2018 unless your DuitNow ID registration is unsuccessful or you choose to opt-out from the DuitNow ID pre-registration. To view, maintain or update your DuitNow ID, kindly log on to HSBC Personal Internet Banking or the new HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking and select the DuitNow function once is it available.

What DuitNow ID is available for registration?

You can use the following ID for registration:
  • Mobile Number (for Malaysians only)
  • NRIC number 
  • Passport (for non-Malaysians only)

How many DuitNow IDs can I register?

You can register multiple DuitNow IDs, as long as the DuitNow IDs have been verified and are available under the dropdown list. However, one DuitNow ID can only be registered to one bank account.

Are there any fees or charges to use DuitNow?

Is it absolutely FREE to transfer and receive money.

How quickly do DuitNow transfers occur?

As the name suggests (read: Do-it-now), DuitNow transfers occur immediately* and recipients will receive the money instantly. 

*Subject to the processing by the Receiving Financial Institution (RFI)

Can I schedule a future dated and recurring transfer with DuitNow?

Yes, DuitNow supports future dated and recurring transfers. However, this is only supported on HSBC Personal Internet Banking.

Can I save a DuitNow ID as a favourite recipient?

Yes, saving a DuitNow ID as a favourite recipient allows you to perform subsequent transfers with fewer steps and security token is not required.

Is there a limit for DuitNow Transfer?

Yes, individual may transfer up to RM50,000. However, the limit is subjected to individual limit and bank’s permitted limit. There will be a low value payment limit for DuitNow where individual is allowed to transfer up to RM250 per day without security token.