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Foreign exchange (FX) rates

Enjoy HSBC’s Best Online FX Rates via HSBC Online or Mobile Banking only1.

Foreign exchange offers

From now until 30 June 2023, enjoy HSBC’s Best Online FX Rates via HSBC Online or Mobile Banking only.
For selected customers only. Terms and conditions apply1.

Exchange Rates in Units of Local Currency to 1 Unit of Foreign Currency

Last updated on: 31-05-2023
Currency Currency Name TT Sell TT Buy
USD US Dollar 4.6854 4.5216
SGD Singapore Dollar 3.4713 3.3439
NZD New Zealand Dollar 2.8538 2.7081
GBP Pound Sterling 5.8187 5.6062
EUR The Euro 5.0404 4.8399
CAD Canadian Dollar 3.4513 3.3166
BND Brunei Dollar 3.4756 3.3393
AUD Australian Dollar 3.0737 2.9243
Last updated on: 31-05-2023
Currency USD
Currency Name US Dollar
TT Sell 4.6854
TT Buy 4.5216
Currency SGD
Currency Name Singapore Dollar
TT Sell 3.4713
TT Buy 3.3439
Currency NZD
Currency Name New Zealand Dollar
TT Sell 2.8538
TT Buy 2.7081
Currency GBP
Currency Name Pound Sterling
TT Sell 5.8187
TT Buy 5.6062
Currency EUR
Currency Name The Euro
TT Sell 5.0404
TT Buy 4.8399
Currency CAD
Currency Name Canadian Dollar
TT Sell 3.4513
TT Buy 3.3166
Currency BND
Currency Name Brunei Dollar
TT Sell 3.4756
TT Buy 3.3393
Currency AUD
Currency Name Australian Dollar
TT Sell 3.0737
TT Buy 2.9243

Exchange Rates in Units of Local Currency to 100 Units of Foreign Currency

Last updated on: 31-05-2023
Currency Currency Name TT Sell TT Buy
AED UAE Dirham 129.9100 120.7600
CHF Swiss Franc 517.0700 498.9800
CNY Chinese Renminbi 66.2300 63.6300
DKK Danish Kroner 68.9900 63.6800
HKD Hong Kong Dollar 60.4000 57.1100
IDR Indonesian Rupiah 0.0319 N/A
PHP Philippine Peso 8.5000 N/A
INR Indian Rupee 5.7910 N/A
JPY Japanese Yen 3.3700 3.2170
LKR Sri Lanka Rupee 1.6260 N/A
NOK Norwegian Kroner 42.7900 39.4900
SAR Saudi Arabia Riyal 126.7000 118.8000
SEK Swedish Kroner 44.0600 40.6700
THB Thai Baht 13.8100 12.7480
ZAR South African Rand 24.3100 22.4400
Last updated on: 31-05-2023
Currency AED
Currency Name UAE Dirham
TT Sell 129.9100
TT Buy 120.7600
Currency CHF
Currency Name Swiss Franc
TT Sell 517.0700
TT Buy 498.9800
Currency CNY
Currency Name Chinese Renminbi
TT Sell 66.2300
TT Buy 63.6300
Currency DKK
Currency Name Danish Kroner
TT Sell 68.9900
TT Buy 63.6800
Currency HKD
Currency Name Hong Kong Dollar
TT Sell 60.4000
TT Buy 57.1100
Currency IDR
Currency Name Indonesian Rupiah
TT Sell 0.0319
TT Buy N/A
Currency PHP
Currency Name Philippine Peso
TT Sell 8.5000
TT Buy N/A
Currency INR
Currency Name Indian Rupee
TT Sell 5.7910
TT Buy N/A
Currency JPY
Currency Name Japanese Yen
TT Sell 3.3700
TT Buy 3.2170
Currency LKR
Currency Name Sri Lanka Rupee
TT Sell 1.6260
TT Buy N/A
Currency NOK
Currency Name Norwegian Kroner
TT Sell 42.7900
TT Buy 39.4900
Currency SAR
Currency Name Saudi Arabia Riyal
TT Sell 126.7000
TT Buy 118.8000
Currency SEK
Currency Name Swedish Kroner
TT Sell 44.0600
TT Buy 40.6700
Currency THB
Currency Name Thai Baht
TT Sell 13.8100
TT Buy 12.7480
Currency ZAR
Currency Name South African Rand
TT Sell 24.3100
TT Buy 22.4400

Gold Price (0.10 troy oz)

Last updated on: 31-05-2023
Currency Currency Name TT Sell TT Buy
GLD Gold 919.62760 883.56380
Last updated on: 31-05-2023
Currency GLD
Currency Name Gold
TT Sell 919.62760
TT Buy 883.56380

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Important notes:

HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad 198401015221 (127776-V). This material has not been reviewed by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC). 1HSBC’s Best Online FX rates Promotion Terms and Conditions apply. Promotion Period from 01 April 2023 to 30 June 2023. HSBC Best Online FX rates refers to the best exchange rates offered by HSBC via HSBC Online or Mobile Banking during this Promotion Period against HSBC’s past historical rates. This promotion is for selected customers only. Applicable for FX conversion between banking accounts and telegraphic transfers only. Not applicable for Global Transfers. For telegraphic transfer, 24/7 conversion is applicable for Foreign Currency to Foreign Currency conversion. Telegraphic Transfer involving Malaysia Ringgit conversion is available on business days only. If you perform any telegraphic transfer involving Ringgit Malaysia on non-business day, the actual amount to be debited will be based on the next business day's exchange rate.

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