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Mobile banking FAQs

Moving money

Who can I make payments/transfers to?

You can:

  • make peer-to-peer payments to your friends and family with DuitNow
  • send money to your saved payees using DuitNow Pay-to-Account (Instant Transfers) or Interbank GIRO (IBG) from your local or foreign currency accounts
  • pay bills to your saved payees
  • pay bills with JomPAY

The options to make future dated and recurring payments such as standing instructions are currently not available. To make such payments, log on to HSBC online banking.

Mobile registration

Why should I register for online banking using the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app?

Registering for your online banking account using the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app will enable you to set up your 6-digit PIN for mobile banking and activate your Mobile Secure Key at the same time.

The Mobile Secure key generates a unique security code for one-time use, enabling you to log on to online banking, confirm transactions and access the full range of online banking services.


How can I view my eStatements using the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking App?

i. After logging on, select the credit card or banking account for which you want to view statements

ii. Click on the "View statements" icon

iii. Click on the date of the statement you want to view

iv. The statement will load shortly

Mobile provisioning

Forced upgrade

Why is HSBC implementing a forced upgrade on mobile devices?

We're constantly improving the security of the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app in order to safeguard your online banking experience. Upgrading your device’s operating system and downloading the latest version of the app will ensure you are protected from any vulnerability or bugs.

Mobile authentication

I am unable to proceed with setting up / provisioning my HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app and I am using an Oppo R9sk device. What should I do?

Please check which operating system you are using on your phone.  You will need to be using the latest Android operating system to enable you to use the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app.  This should be Android OS 7 or above.

Recurring and future transfers

Can I schedule credit card payments ahead of time?

No, we only support future dated or recurring transfers between accounts.

Location permission

Do I have to provide the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app with my location?

No, this is a voluntary decision to help enhance the security of your online banking experience. You can disable/enable location permission services to the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app at any time by going into the 'Manage security' settings page on the app.

iNPS customer survey

Do I have to take the customer survey?

No, this is a voluntary decision for you to share your feedback about the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app.

Real time transactions (RTT)

When will pending transactions show up on my HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app?

Both pending and posted transactions will show on your mobile app on the transaction date (not posting date) in the order they were carried out.

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