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Mobile Secure Key FAQs

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Mobile Secure Key help

Have questions about Mobile Secure Key? On this page, you'll find all the information you need, from how to activate your Mobile Secure Key to lost, stolen and incompatible devices.

Mobile Secure Key introduction

What is a Mobile Secure Key?

Mobile Secure Key, available on the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app, is a digital version of the physical Security Device. It generates a one-time security code so you can log on and confirm transactions even quicker and easier on the app without the need to carry your physical Security Device.

Setting up your Mobile Secure Key

I did not see a notification to upgrade to the Mobile Secure Key on my app?

You might not be on the latest HSBC Malaysia Mobile app. Please update your app to the latest version.

Generate security code in Mobile Secure Key

When do I need to generate the log on code?

You'll need to generate a log on code whenever you log on to online banking, to protect your banking information.

Others FAQs of Mobile Secure Key

Does Mobile Secure Key work offline?

Yes, Mobile Secure Key works offline. Even if you hit a 'No connection' prompt, you'll still be able to generate a security code by pressing the 'Generate security code' button at the bottom of the screen. Hence, without internet connection or WiFi, security codes can be generated anywhere around the world with the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app.

Physical Security Device

New account holders will receive a digital version of the Security Device called the Mobile Secure Key, which they can use for online banking authentication purposes. It's similar to the physical device, but integrated into the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app. Physical Security Devices will be demised in 2021.

Find out more about how you can start using the Mobile Secure Key.

How do I obtain a physical Security Device? Do I need to pay for it?

From 8 June 2021, we'll no longer issue a physical Security Device to our banking customers, except for those who fall under our exceptional criteria who can request a physical Security Device for free. If your Security Device was damaged on arrival, the replacement charge will be waived.

Conventional customers can find further details on the conditions and charges by referring to the 'Commercial and Business' section, 'item 4' of our tariff and charges.

Amanah customers can find further details on the conditions and charges by referring to 'item 3' of our Amanah tariff and charges.

To request a Security Device or further assistance, please contact us.

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