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24/7 Foreign Currency Conversion

Bring the world closer with real-time FX rates.

24/7 FX services at your fingertips

Access competitive & real-time global exchange rates and make foreign currency conversions wherever you are, whenever you need to with HSBC.

Key Benefits

  • Enjoy potentially better rates with real-time exchange rates

  • Transact conveniently via online & mobile banking

  • Convert foreign currency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Simple navigation and user friendly interface

Foreign exchange products and services

International Transfer & Payment

A simpler and secure way of making overseas transfer and payment online.

Multi-Currency Account

Switch currencies like time zones where you can buy, save, transfer and spend in 11 currencies, anywhere, anytime in one account.

HSBC Foreign Currency Investment

Capitalise on global opportunities to potentially grow your wealth with our wide selection of foreign currency investment instrument.

Access HSBC Foreign Exchange services now


Download the HSBC Malaysia App to transact at your fingertips

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Access different markets and achieve potentially above market returns in low interest rate environments via our foreign currency structured products.

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Stay informed with the latest wealth insights


Access regular FX Insights and stay informed with the latest FX and market trends.


Need a fresh perspective? Get the latest insights into Asset Class Views, FX Insights, ESG Insights, Market Outlook and Wealth Needs anytime, anywhere.

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