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A father is giving his daughter a piggyback; image used for HSBC Malaysia Everyday Global Debit Card page.

HSBC Everyday Global VISA Debit Card

The only multi-currency debit card that lets you buy, save and transfer in 11 currencies1 with no minimum balance required.

An everyday card for everyday rewards

Carry your global multicurrency account with 11 currencies in your pocket 24/7

Get your debit card today with only 1 online application

Key benefits and privileges

  • Everyday Rewards

Save more with discounts when you use your debit card here and around the world

  • Multicurrency convenience

Switch currencies like time zones where you can buy, save, transfer and spend in 11 currencies, anywhere, anytime in one account:

  • Access competitive real-time rates
  • Perform foreign currencies conversion instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Shop and travel

Carry your global account in your pocket 24/7. Everyday Global VISA Debit Card is perfect for:

  • Online or in-store shopping using local currencies anywhere in the world without conversion fees2
  • Cash withdrawals in the local currency at ATMs around the world without any conversion fees2
  • Top up your account on the go anytime with 24/7 Online and Mobile Banking
  • Easy to open

Online account opening in 3 simple steps. It's a paperless application - simple and convenient.

How does your HSBC Everyday Global VISA Debit Card work?

Shopping cart with dollar sign illustration

Purchase an item in foreign currency.

Cash and money illustration

If you make a USD100 purchase, we'll deduct USD100 from your HSBC Everyday Global Account1, with no hidden charges.

Transaction machine illustration

If you don't have enough foreign currency in your account, we'll convert it and you'll be charged in Ringgit Malaysia.

How to convert foreign currencies and transfer money overseas via HSBC Online Banking?

Make use of your Everyday Global Account by converting currencies at real-time or at your preferred rate and transferring money overseas via HSBC Online Banking.

24/7 Currency Exchange

Convert foreign currency within Everyday Global Account with real-time rates.

International Transfer & Payment

Make instant Global Transfer3 to own and 3rd party HSBC accounts at zero transfer fees.

Apply online in minutes

New to HSBC

You will need to apply for an Everyday Global Account in order to get the complimentary HSBC Everyday Global VISA Debit Card.

Select your account and apply

Card face of HSBC Everyday Global Account; image used for HSBC Malaysia Everyday Global Account page.

HSBC Everyday Global Account

No minimum balance requirement

Made from 100% recycled plastic.

Card face of HSBC Advance Everyday Global Account; image used for HSBC Malaysia Everyday Global Account page.

HSBC Advance Everyday Global Account

Min Total Relationship Balance4 of RM30,000 or sign up for an HSBC Home Loan of RM300,000 and above

Card face of HSBC Premier Everyday Global Account; image used for HSBC Malaysia Everyday Global Account page.

HSBC Premier Everyday Global Account

Total Relationship Balance4 of at least RM200,000

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