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Cash Instalment Plan

Convert your credit card's available limit into cash, quick and fast online with affordable monthly instalments.

What is Cash Instalment Plan?

Cash Instalment Plan (CIP) allows you to get cash from your available credit limit and pay at affordable monthly instalment. With Cash Instalment Plan now available via HSBC Malaysia Mobile App, you can get the cash you need in just few taps with instant approval.

Benefit at a glance

  • Quick and easy access to cash when you need it
  • Flexible payment tenures of up to 60 months
  • Competitive interest rate
  • No documents required for application

How to apply for a CIP

Apply in few simple steps:

  1. Log on to HSBC Malaysia Mobile App 
  2. Select your credit card and then 'Cash Instalment Plan'
  3. Select your plan and enter the CIP amount, then select 'Confirm and Accept T&C'

Alternatively, you can click on the button below to submit the form for a call back.

Example of CIP Monthly Instalment amount:

Below are the monthly instalments for selected tenure and amount at 6.88%p.a.
CIP amount (RM) 6.88%p.a. 12 months 24 months 36 months 48months 60 months
1,000 89.07 47.40 33.51 26.57 22.40
3,000 267.20 142.20 100.53 79.70 67.20
5,000 445.33 237.00 167.56 132.83 112.00
8,000 712.53 379.20 268.09 212.53 179.20
15,000 1,336.00 711.00 502.67 398.50 336.00
Below are the monthly instalments for selected tenure and amount at 6.88%p.a.
CIP amount (RM) 6.88%p.a. 1,000
12 months 89.07
24 months 47.40
36 months 33.51
48months 26.57
60 months 22.40
CIP amount (RM) 6.88%p.a. 3,000
12 months 267.20
24 months 142.20
36 months 100.53
48months 79.70
60 months 67.20
CIP amount (RM) 6.88%p.a. 5,000
12 months 445.33
24 months 237.00
36 months 167.56
48months 132.83
60 months 112.00
CIP amount (RM) 6.88%p.a. 8,000
12 months 712.53
24 months 379.20
36 months 268.09
48months 212.53
60 months 179.20
CIP amount (RM) 6.88%p.a. 15,000
12 months 1,336.00
24 months 711.00
36 months 502.67
48months 398.50
60 months 336.00

Who's eligible for CIP?

  • HSBC/HSBC Amanah Principal credit cardholders
  • Active primary credit card account holders with no overdue payments and good credit standing

Frequent Ask Question

Things you should know

The minimum amount for each Cash Instalment Plan ("CIP") application to qualify for this programme is RM1,000 and the amount must be in multiples of RM100. A 2% cash advance fee will be charged if the CIP amount is below RM5,000. The Eligible Cardholder shall pay 100% of the CIP monthly Instalment which is part of the Minimum Monthly Payment due on or before the payment due date. The interest rate offered is subject to HSBC's approval. The terms used herein are as defined in the HSBC Cash Instalment Plan Terms and Conditions.

Please read the PDFs below for corresponding full terms and conditions.

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