From extended privileges, or getting the best for your children to growing your wealth, HSBC Premier offers you the life full of life you demand.

Discover HSBC Premier's life full of premier services and support.

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  • Dedicated team
  • Preferential rate
  • Premier Travel Credit Card
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  • Junior Savers Account
  • Debit card
  • Cash back
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  • Global Transfer without fee
  • Overseas account opening
  • Education loan
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  • Wealth specialist support
  • Real time FX rate

Discover HSBC Premier's range of exclusive services and support

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The same great banking services, wherever you are.

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HSBC Premier provides a range of benefits to help you manage your personal economy.

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Access to preferential rates for home loans.

Eligibility criteria

There are several ways to qualify for HSBC Premier, including:

  • Total Relationship Balance1 of at least RM200,000 at all times
  • Premier Mortgage2 - Minimum home loan of RM1,000,000
  • Premier by Perks@Work3 - Minimum monthly salary of RM16,500 credited continuously each month into HSBC account in Malaysia

A HSBC Premier Account fee of RM150 (and applicable tax, if any) will be applied for the month if you do not meet the Premier eligibility criteria. 

1Total Relationship Balance includes any: Deposits in Current Account/-i, Savings Account/-i, Time Deposits, Term Deposits-i, and/ or investments in Unit Trust Funds/ Shariah-compliant Unit Trust funds, Structured Investments/-i, Dual Currency Investments/-i and/or Direct Retail bond, and/or Cash value from Family Takaful/Life Insurance products with Investment-linked and savings components. 

2Account Fee waiver until full and final settlement of home loan/financing.

3Account fee waiver as long as you fulfil the qualification criteria.

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