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COVID-19 Relief & Guidance

Liquidity Relief

Dear valued HSBC customers,

With more than 150 years of history in this region, HSBC has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Malaysians through many ups and downs. The current situation is no different. We understand that many of our customers find themselves in a very challenging situation and we are ready to help.

Bank Negara Malaysia has issued guidance on automatically deferring the financial obligations of individuals and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for 6 months and HSBC fully supports this deferment. In fact, we are going beyond the requirements by deciding not to compound interest for any amounts deferred during the deferment period.

We have prepared a set of FAQs so that you can see precisely what the deferment covers, whether you qualify and the impact of this on your future repayments. Please do take the time to read these carefully and, if you still have questions, please call us at +603-8321 8866, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Eligible individuals or SME customers will automatically be opted in for the deferment and you do not need to do anything. For individuals or Retail Business Banking customers who wish to opt out and maintain your current repayment arrangements, please refer to our FAQs for further instructions. For SME Commercial Banking customers, please click here for more information.

For larger companies experiencing stress, we encourage you to contact us via your relationship manager so that we can agree an approach which works for all.

Please do not visit your branch to discuss the deferment – full support is available either online or by phone. Remember that each of us needs to minimise movement from our home for the safety of all.

HSBC is here to support you during this difficult period – please do contact us should you have any concerns or questions.

Thank you and stay safe!

Stuart Milne
Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia

Updates on Branch Operating Hours & Self-Service Terminals

We at HSBC are committed to both serving our customers and protecting the health and well-being of our employees. Customers, and communities. We also consider that we all have a role to play in ensuring fill compliance with the Government's Movement Control Order (MCO).

Therefore,  until the end of the Movement Control Order period, only a limited number of HSBC/HSBC Amanah branches will be operational from 9:30am to 03:00pm (Monday – Friday) unless specifically stated otherwise. To locate the nearest operational branch to you, please use our Branch Finder.

However, all our branches Self-Service Terminals (SST) including ATMs and CDMs will remain open 24 hours daily (except for where local guidelines differ, and KL Main Branch (Lebuh Ampang), of which all services including SST have been suspended).

We have also waived all MEPS ATM withdrawal fees from 6 April 2020 until the end of the Movement Control Order period. You may withdraw from any bank's ATM nationwide using your HSBC ATM cards and fees won't apply.

Meanwhile, to support efforts to curb infections, all servicing is strictly by appointment only, please do call ahead. We also require customers to wear a face mask when visiting our branches and to utilize the hand sanitizers made available.

We strongly encourage you to use our HSBC Online Banking, Mobile Banking application or Call Centre for services that are available on those channels.

Beware of Covid-19 Phishing Scams

We would like to urge everyone to be cautious and remain alert to perpetration of scams concerning product applications promoted through social media, emails and phone calls from suspicious numbers.

There have been also cases where scammers are posting advertisements passing off as trusted organisations like banks and scammers may also pretend to offer a safe haven for your money or medical guidance and proceed to trick you into making a payment into a safe account, giving personal and/or financial information.

Please be aware that:

  • The Bank will not request any personal income documents via chat applications (such as Whatsapp, WeChat, etc.).
  • Beware of fake business cards and email addresses. Our HSBC and HSBC Amanah email addresses always end with, for example,
  • We will never ask you via social media or e-mail to provide your PINs, passwords, personal details or to move money to a safe account.
  • We will never request payment upfront or processing fees for any of our loan/financing and deferment plan.
  • As a good practice, customers should access or directly to start an Online Banking session and not via a link.

Cyber criminals are also trying to spread malware through 'Coronavirus Map' apps. It has no intention of providing useful information, but instead is designed to capture user names, passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data. Please don't click on links from sources that you don't know.

Should you receive suspicious message from unqualified sources, please contact our Contact Centre at 1300-88-1388 or (+603)-8321-5400 (Overseas) or 1-300-80-2626 (Amanah) or (+603)-8321-5200.

It’s easy to do your banking at home

You can handle your banking needs from home or any other location by using HSBC Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

Learn more about the benefit of online banking, including 6 things you don’t need to go to your branch for.

Extended banking services from the comfort of your home

We encourage you to use HSBC/HSBC Amanah Online Banking or Mobile Banking for your banking needs during this Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

If you are unable to use HSBC/HSBC Amanah Online Banking or Mobile Banking, you may alternatively choose to raise a request via e-Form or email for selected transactions.

Delay in Delivery of HSBC/HSBC Amanah Physical Statements

Due to impacted services following current Covid-19 outbreak, with effect from 18 Mar 2020, there will be delay in the delivery of credit card/-i and banking physical statements. 

For credit card/-i customer, to facilitate payment process, please take note that a summary of payment details would be communicated via SMS. 

For banking customer, please refer to your Relationship Manager. 

You may also view your recent transactions and available balances via Online Banking/Mobile Banking 

We hope that the situation will improve soon so we can resume providing our customer seamless services.

Temporary extension of expired HSBC/HSBC Amanah Debit Card/-i usage

Due to Covid-19 situation, we have temporarily extended the usage period of HSBC/HSBC Amanah Debit Card/-i ("Debit Card/-i") that have already expired so that affected customers can continue using it during this period of time.

Here are the transactions that are temporarily allowed using your expired Debit Card/-i:

  • Online transactions. You can perform online transactions using the existing CVV2 (the last 3 digits at the back of your Debit Card/-i) and the extended card expiry date, which is indicated in our message to you via SMS/EDM.
  • In-store purchases. You can use your Debit Card/-i for purchases in grocery stores, pharmacies and other merchants accepting Debit Cards as mode of payment with your existing 6-digit Debit Card/-i PIN, including contactless (payWave) for transactions below RM250.
  • Register Debit Card/-i for your mobile applications. You can use your Debit Card/-i to enroll mobile apps such as Grab, Food Panda, Touch ‘n Go, etc. Just update the card expiry date with the extended card expiry date when prompted, which is indicated in our message to you via SMS/EDM.
  • Recurring payments. If there are any recurring payments charged to your Debit Card/-i such as, but not limited to, utilities, Astro, insurance, gym or club membership, etc., you will need to update the merchants of the extended card expiry date, which is indicated in our message to you via SMS/EDM.
  • Automated Teller Machine ("ATM") cash withdrawals. You can withdraw cash at any HSBC/HSBC Amanah ATMs and non HSBC/HSBC Amanah ATMs that display the MEPS and Visa logos with your existing 6-digit Debit Card/-i PIN. Your transaction may be rejected by some non HSBC/HSBC Amanah ATMs and please try at other ATMs when it happens.

Please note that there may be a possibility that certain merchant terminals reject your expired Debit Card/-i upfront.

In order to safeguard our customers affected by this initiative, we will be sending transaction alerts via SMS to notify you on all purchase and overseas cash withdrawal performed on expired cards.

If you wish to opt out of this exercise, you may do so by contacting us to block your card before disposing your card safely after cutting it, taking care to destroy both the card chip and the magnetic stripe.

You may visit any of our branches to request for a renewal of your expired Debit Card/-i after the extended card expiry date, which is indicated in our message to you via SMS/EDM.