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If you are using our mobile app and because our app is downloaded from other app stores, we want to make it clear that we, not the app stores, are responsible for this app and so you should contact us in relation to:

  • the app's content, maintenance and support,
  • any malfunctions of this app,
  • any claims relating to this app.

We want to make sure that your use of this app is as safe as possible so you must:

  • install security updates for this app as and when they become available. If you don't, you may not be able to use the app,
  • keep your device safe and secure,
  • only provide correct information via the app,
  • don't use the app for any purpose which is unlawful, obscene, offensive, improper or threatening,
  • if you've chosen to access the app by using biometrics, such as facial recognition, ensure that your device only recognizes your biometrics.

When you're using our app, the app stores are considered as third party beneficiaries and they can rely on the above terms in the same way as we can.

In privacy, please read our privacy notice to understand how we collect, store, use and share your data and our cookies policy to understand how we use cookies.

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