11 tips to get the most out of 11.11

Singles' Day is just around the corner – which means the year's best sales are too. From discounts and coupons to flash deals and free shipping, shop til you drop on 11.11. Check out these helpful tips before giving in to impulse shopping:

1. Don't be fooled

Waiting for 11.11 to buy everything you need? Browse in advance to keep up with the prices. Not all brands have genuine deals and might hike their prices just before the big day, making the Singles' Day discounts seem relatively massive. Play it smart and keep an eye out for the truly amazing sales.

2. Be the first to know

If you are particularly keen on some things from your Singles' Day wish-list, make sure you know as soon as they go on sale. Sign up for price-drop alerts on different platforms to ensure you don't miss out on your favourite products!

3. Load up on your purchasing power

Pay your credit card bills in full the month before the 11.11 sales. This will ensure that you have the maximum spending capacity available to you for your shopping spree. A good credit limit will be your best friend this Singles' Day.

4. Add to cart

People make the mistake of waiting till 11.11 to browse online retail platforms for what they want. Shop smart and load up your cart in advance to save the trouble of finding deals on the day. This way, when it's time to shop, all you have to do is pay.

5. Read the not-so-fine print

Always check and double-check (and triple-check) what you're buying. For instance, don't let the fancy product shots fool you. A lot of them are “for reference only” and you might end up with something that looks like an underwhelming version of what you paid for.

6. Check return policies

Full refund, store credit or no returns – know the return policies before you shop. It's possible that after a big Singles' Day shopping adventure, you come to regret some purchases. Play it safe and know if you'll be able to return something before you buy it (no matter how good a deal it is!)

7. Rest up before the big day

Can't wait to shop? Be on top of your game for 11.11 by getting plenty of sleep the night before. Perhaps even treat yourself to a nap and a coffee – deals start at midnight!

8. The waiting game

The day has come. You've managed to buy everything on your wish-list and more – all at amazing prices thanks to 11.11 Singles' Day promotions. But once ordered, be prepared to wait. With the large number of shoppers, shipping can take a really long time. One helpful trick here is to combine shipping for your orders as much as possible. It's better for the environment, for the company, and saves on added shipping costs for you.

9. Offline deals

It's not just online. Don't forget to support your local businesses and look out for shops near you where you can see exactly what you're buying. You can still use your card and find just as rewarding deals in store.

10. Do you need it?

Singles' Day deals can be especially tempting for some shoppers. Be honest with yourself when you have your credit card in hand. Even if it's a great deal, do you really need it? Shop responsibly and don't hurt your wallet any more than you must.

11. Use the HSBC Platinum Mastercard to earn rewards for all your spending

Be rewarded for every Ringgit you spend. With the HSBC Platinum Mastercard, you can earn up to 8x Reward Points with every purchase you make. Make 11.11 Singles' Day shopping more gratifying and earn 5x Reward Points for every RM1 spent online with your favourite retailers like Lazada, Shopee and more!

You can even turn the Reward Points you earn from 11.11 into cash vouchers to keep the shopping spree going long after Singles' Day sales are over. For example, as little as 50,000 Reward Points can earn you a RM100 cash voucher for Lazada!

Don't have the HSBC Platinum Mastercard?

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