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Balance Conversion Plan FAQ

What is a Balance Conversion Plan?

A Balance Conversion Plan (BCP) allows HSBC credit cardholders to convert their retail purchases to monthly instalment plan.

Who's eligible for a Balance Conversion Plan?

BCP is open for HSBC / HSBC Amanah Principal credit cardholders. Retail purchases transacted with both primary and supplementary cards are eligible for BCP.

What's the minimum amount to convert into BCP?

The minimum amount required for a single BCP conversion is RM500.


Are there any early termination fees?

No, there is no early termination fee. However, if you wish to cancel your BCP before its expiry, you can chat with us on the HSBC Mobile Banking app (learn more at or or call our contact center.

Balance Conversion Plan via the HSBC Malaysia app

(a) Why can't I view all my eligible transactions under "Select Transactions" in the mobile app?

Only eligible retail transactions between RM50 to RM50,000 that haven't been paid will be displayed in the Select Transaction page. This limit may be varied by HSBC / HSBC Amanah at any time and from time to time at HSBC / HSBC Amanah discretion.


(b) How many retail purchase transactions can be converted into one plan via the HSBC Malaysia app?

You can select up to 49 transactions per BCP plan.


(c) How long does it take to process the BCP application submitted via the HSBC Malaysia app?

The BCP application will be processed immediately and will be displayed the next working day.


(d) After a BCP is approved, how do I know how much I need to pay on a monthly basis?

You will receive an advice through the HSBC Malaysia app, containing the monthly instalment amount and interest for the tenure you have selected. Alternatively, you may refer to your credit card/-i statement for the required monthly instalment.


(e) Can I cancel my plan through the HSBC Malaysia app?

No, this functionality is currently not available. Please call in to our contact center at 1300 88 1388 (HSBC Bank Malaysia) or 1300 80 2626 (HSBC Amanah) for BCP cancellation.

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