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HSBC Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

Because your information needs to be protected.


In today’s increasingly connected world, governments around the world have introduced a new information-gathering and reporting requirement for financial institutions. This is known as the Common Reporting Standard (CRS).

Under CRS if you are tax resident (usually where you are liable to pay income taxes) outside Malaysia, we may need to give the Inland Revenue Board Of Malaysia this information, along with information relating to your account(s). That may then be shared between different countries/regions’ tax authorities.

How you can help?

To help comply with the legislation, we need your assistance to update your latest tax residency details by filling up a new CRS Self-Certification form. You may fill up the required CRS Self-Certification form in the link provided below.

What we require

To ensure that your information is being received through a secure channel, We require you to print, complete and sign the CRS Self-Certification form.


You may then proceed to revert back to us either by sending it to:


HSBC Mail Room – Scanning

Menara IQ

Lingkaran TRX

55188 Tun Razak Exchange

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




Scanning the completed and signed copy to revert via email to:




Submit Common Reporting Standard (CRS) declaration via HSBC Malaysia Online Banking. Once you have login, go to 'Services' at the top menu, under 'Tools & Services' select 'Update CRS status'. 

Please ensure that your email address is updated or registered with us for your CRS declaration to be accepted. If your email address is not updated or registered with the Bank, please do so at




By walking into the closest HSBC branch

If we don't hear from you

If you don't reply, we'll use the information we already have to determine your tax residency.  So, to make sure that we only provide accurate information to the tax authorities, please ensure you update your details accordingly.

For more information

Further details about why we need to ask for this information can be found by visiting the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Automatic Exchange Portal, or our HSBC webpage.

For any further queries around your personal circumstances, please speak with a tax advisor.

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